Will Audi A1 be convertible and 4X4?

The UK CAR Magazine, the future Audi A1 not only as three-door and five, but there are more variants of the A1.

The decision by a British magazine interview with Schwarz Peter Bauer, head of marketing at Audi. According to Schwarz Bauer Audi A1 will start after the three-door version as the range will be extended to the same extent as the Audi A3. So we can at least count on a five-door and convertible variant based on the A1. But a four-wheel drive variant seems plausible, it would take on the fight to MINI’s Crossover Concept as Q1 and would go through life.

The different variants based on the Audi A1 is part of the plan by 2015 the number of Audi models from 32 to 42 to float. Of the Audi A1 alone is expected that in the first years will be 80,000 copies sold.

Besides the question of the possible variants of the Audi A1 Schwarz Bauer was also asked how the new A1 will look. Also we should not expect many miracles, the production version of the A1 will be very good according to Schwarz Bauer similar to the two conceptual models: the A1 and A1 Sportback Concept.

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