Which Supercars to be released, discarded and have a chance in 2017

The curiosity to know V8 Supercars’ confirmation, rejection and chances of launches in 2017 has ended now. The turbo charged powered various body designs with either four or six cylinders based engines will be there to compete against V8 sedans which has showed new ways for the latest brands.

So time to reveal which model is in, which model is out and which model has chances of survival. During the 2014 competitions, many brands revealed their current and future projects under their brands and using those data a database has been made regarding selection of future models.

From all the top class brands, Lexus seems to be seriously determined to build its new RC F with Coupe version till 2017. Sean Hanley, the Lexus Australia’s CEO said the company has been involving with many high standard discussions over V8 Supercars presenters and they have shown their interest clearly in sports design evolution.

Hanley also said they are experimenting on it but before that they should confirm if customers are interested or not. Answer to it is really yes and frankly company is considering on its RC F to suit this landscape nearly. However before two years they were thinking differently. But today audience is ready and they want more excitement from new models.

Its revised series may give Holden with high profile launch pad for the new Commodore replacement but this won’t be offered along with any V8 engine and rear wheeled drive. They have not yet confirmed any successor to Commodore but it is believed that a rebadged form of next gen Opel Insignia is heading to the market. Holden motors and Simon McNamara, the sponsorship manager confirmed a red team will continue to start the latest series in after Commodore era.

Holden participated in many higher level based Australian tour cars since last 50 years. They have always made sure that there are at least a few relations in between their models which are placed for competitions in race tracks and also in the showrooms waiting to be sold. McNamara explained that mid aged people want to buy such kinds of cars especially in Australia.

The expected changes will bring a lot more flexibility to the relation in between them giving vital participating qualities. But it is not yet clear about the blue team having presence in grid. If this does, Ford Australia won’t back the finance up for these vehicles and this is what confirmed by the company since the V8 Supercar deal would have been ended till end of 2015.

Independent teams have the option to choose Fords but Mustang and Mondeo have the more possibilities.
Nissan, which is relatively quite new in this field, has announced to be there for sure. Peter Fadeyev, the General Manager said the company’s foray to V8 Supercars competition is fundamental to brand. Nissan is looking towards building sports models more having V8 Supercar requirements with great racing capabilities in Australia.

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