Wheel drive for new BMW M5

The new BMW M5 is equipped as standard with four-wheel drive. But fans need not fear, the new M xDrive system can only drive the rear wheels if required.

BMW announced that the new generation M5 has always xDrive all-wheel drive. According to BMW, the new drive system combines the benefits of the four- and rear wheel drive. BMW promises that the new M5 has the precision and agility of a rear-wheel drive, if desired. The xDrive button in the car you as a driver because choosing only rear-wheel drive. And if you also turn off all traction systems, then you old-fashioned instincts with the M5.

The advantages of 4WD are evident: more grip in extreme situations. That is to say, the case of very sporty driving (for example, on the track) or on a slippery road surface. The (standard 4WD mode, the system sends all power to the rear wheels. Only after that can not handle the torque, the front wheels are fetched.

The new BMW M5, which will be unveiled later this year, gets an upgraded version of the 4.4 V8 engine. That is in turn coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The capacity and performance is still unknown.

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