We present you the unique McLaren P1 with a carbon green body!

We present you the unique McLaren P1 with a carbon green body!

When you speak about a McLaren P1 you are already referring to a rare and exquisite product in the auto world. The opportunity to see one on the street is very limited, only if you are truly lucky you may take a glimpse at this superb supercar at auto shows or on fast tracks.

So, because almost unique is not enough for some fortunate people, in two weeks’ time, McLaren will reveal a unique McLaren P1 with carbon green bodywork during an auction event.

This exquisite McLaren P1 includes a 903 horsepower V8 engine and an estimated value of around 2.5 – $ 3,000,000
An even more interesting fact about the British mega-hybrid supercar is that … well, it did not look that great and unique from the very beginning.
The middle of this month will mark the beginning of a new edition of the Contest of Elegance at Pebble Beach and numerous auto auctions will be organized at this highly anticipated event.

Among the houses that gather top models for sale, there is Mecum; the Americans announced that they already have in stock a McLaren P1 with a body made of carbon fiber green.

Equally interesting is the fact that the supercar has received its new exterior later last year after the British company unveiled the McLaren P1 Carbon Series edition in front of the whole world.

But back to the unique details that characterize McLaren P1 auctioned at the house Mecum, the magical ingredients list also includes a pair of green wheels and interior trim finished in the same shade.

However, the announcement revealed that the specimen in question, namely the British mega-hybrid, did not go for more than 926 kilometers.
As for the technical side, we want to remind you that every McLaren P1 comes bundled with a petrol engine with eight cylinders in V and 3.8-liter capacity, which works with an electric motor for a maximum power of 903 hp.

These are the reasons for the acceleration from 0-100 km / h to take less than three seconds, the speedometer needle then continuing its foray freely to the threshold of 350 kilometers per hour.

One detail remains to be said about this truly unique British mega-hybrid: its sale value – experts estimated to be auctioned at 2.5 – 3 million dollars.

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