Volvo's entirely different type of car: XC90

Volvo’s entirely different type of car: XC90

This is exactly how Volvo has presented the upcoming model XC90: “entirely different type of car”, that one that you would be able to recognize immediately. The company is absolutely sure that until the official launching, planned for next year, there will be quite a lot of interested potential customers.

When the first teasing photos were made public, we have indeed found out what Volvo exactly means by “entirely different type of car”. Along with the presentation of the new Coupe Concept, some photos of the new XC90 were presented and we have spotted a couple of similarities.

Both the Concept coupe and the XC90 feature elegant headlamps and angular lower fascia openings. Also, both models include the T-shaped lighting elements.

For the new XC90, the car manufacturer has replaced the 2.4 liter diesel engine with a 2.0 liter four cylinder petrol engine. This is compulsory change as the previous performance features of XC90 were not so up to date compared with the efficiency offered by other car models. It seems that a supercharger will boost the lower revs in order to reach 302 bhp.

All enhanced by an electric motor on the back axle and the vehicle should be able to reach 600Nm of torque and an output of 400bhp. However, the company has also announced that the new vehicle will also be able to function on 1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder engine which will also be featured by the future Volvo models.

It has also been confirmed by the company that the new Volvo XC90 will include a highest power version of the new and improved in-house powertrain.
The classic overall design has been seriously enhanced by a couple of new elements which have been introduced both to impress and to create a better aerodynamic. The front of the vehicle has been totally redesigned as it includes a brand new floating grille.

On each part of the XC90’s grille, there will be a set of new headlights and T-shaped LED daytime running lights. Similar to the new Concept Coupe, the upcoming XC90 will have an entirely redesigned, new bonnet. It does look a bit too simple to as the new more is less, it is meant to offer the car a more solid look.

Actually the LED tail lights together with the vertical lamp units will give a rather tattoo like effect, creating a bold and flashy entire look of the vehicle.

The new Volvo XC90 looks like a strong, safe car and if we take into account the fact that the previous model was rated with five stars by Euro NCAP on the crash safety rating, we could expect event better from the new vehicle.

As we all expect hi tech options on the new released cars, Volvo has thought of this too and confirms that this new model will have and iPad sized central touchscreen right in the center of the dash. This will certainly look a lot more contemporary than the entire pile of buttons.

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