Volvo's Chinese Owners Plan to Launch Flying Electric Car in 2023

Volvo’s Chinese Owners Plan to Launch Flying Electric Car in 2023

Geely, the Chinese group that owns Volvo, has bought an American company that develops flying cars. Following the investment the Chinese are planning to launch a flying electric car in 2023!

Terrafugia is an American start-up that has built several prototypes of flying machines over the past ten years, including a TF-X electric version.
The company was recently bought by Geely, the group that owns Volvo, and the Chinese now have ambitious plans to bring to life the flying machine technology designed by Americans.

Terrafugia engineers say the TF-X is a 100% electric vehicle with a range of 800 kilometers, as well as a vertical take-off/landing technology (VTOL or Vertical Take-Off and Landing).
Impressed by TF-X, Geely promises to launch its first electric car in 2023.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Founder and Chairman Li Shufu declared that “The team at Terrafugia have been at the forefront of believing in and realizing the vision for a flying car and creating the ultimate mobility solution. This is a tremendously exciting sector and we believe that Terrafugia is ideally positioned to change mobility as we currently understand it and herald the development of a new industry in doing so. Our investment in the company reflects our shared belief in their vision and we are committed to extending our full support to Terrafugia, leveraging the synergies provided by our international operations and track record of innovation, to make the flying car a reality.”

It seems the future will be interesting indeed, especially considering that Daimler also invested some 30 million dollars in a VTOL vehicle this year.

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