Volvo XC concept teaser photo, sketch and video released

Volvo XC concept teaser photo, sketch and video released

Volvo has been building up a great reputation for themselves over the last few years. There has been some marvelous releases from this company and some amazing concepts from Volvo has made their way into production. These cars will soon be a part of Volvo line up. However, guys at Volvo are not resting, as somehow they have managed to come up with yet another great concept that is hopefully going to go into production real soon.

Pretty recently there were some pictures of this new concept from Volvo, named new Volvo XC concept that were released. These pictures have put up a buzz in automobile market and amongst car enthusiasts and now they are eagerly waiting for more news about this car.

This concept might be released in Detroit Auto Show in January 2014. There is, however, some bad news regarding this new concept. It is probably not going to make it to production. Still, it is a very valuable concept car for Volvo because it is believed that many of Volvo’s future cars may be based on this new concept. So it is still significant.

The ball was set into motion earlier this year. It was when in September; new Volvo Concept Coupe was released. It marked the path for a lineup of cars that was bound to follow soon. Now with release of these three new pictures of this Volvo Concept Coupe, it can finally be visualized how this design will look on some bigger cars such as Sports Utility Vehicles, as because this concept is not going to be sent to production and it is the design which might be copied to other cars.

There are three pictures that have been released. Out of these three, two are sketches. These sketches show how this car is going to look like and also they showcase different aspects of this car and different features. There is also a video of this Volvo Concept Coupe on YouTube. This video also showcases different attributes of this car and how this two door coupe may actually look in reality. It comes off as something cruel to showcase something like this and then not send it to production.

There are some details about this car which has already been revealed. First of all it is a two door coupe. Secondly, it is going to have a combination of a petrol engine and a electric motor as its drive train, which makes it a hybrid. Also, a three doors SUV or sports utility vehicle might be on the way as one of these three pictures gives a top down view of one such concept. Thus there is lot to be hopeful about.

It has been a subject of much speculation. There have been a number of issues that has been taken into consideration, such as how these concepts are going to affect the actual cars, and also their prices. Still, it is going to be a long wait till January to find out.

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