Volvo is developing fuel cells for electric cars

Volvo is developing fuel cells for electric cars

Volvo wants the autonomy of its future electric vehicles the height pile installation and will therefore develop a fuel cell.

Currently, electric cars are limited in their reach due to both the batteries can store enough energy and other batteries which cost too much money. Fuel cells seem the best solution to remedy this situation and why Volvo has started to explore this technology.

The development of fuel cell that would not entail additional CO2 emissions. The intention is that by 2012, driving around several prototypes of the electric Volvo C30 equipped with the new fuel. Volvo is working with the Swedish Power Cell Sweden AB to this project.

The fuel cell must convert hydrogen into electrical energy, which then power the electric motors of electric power to C30. By an amount of storing hydrogen in the car, the C30 with electric fuel a decent cruising range should get that about 250 km should be more than if the car would be powered without batteries.

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