Volvo DRIVe range gets automatic gearbox

Volvo has announced the release of an automatic gearbox for its DRIVe range of vehicle, which will put fuel efficiency figures in the same league as manual boxes. The diesel Volvo S60, S70, V70 and V80 will get the new gearbox and still retain current emission levels.

The 6 speed Powershift gearbox will, for the first time, put automatic and manual on the same footing. The V60, V70, and S80 retain their fuel economy figures of 62.8 mpg and their carbon dioxide emission level of 119 g/km. The S60 will go even further with 65.7 mpg and 114 g/k m CO2 emissions. All these values are the result of a combined cycle.

Technological modifications in the boxes and the software managing them and the engines had to be made in order for those numbers to be maintained. Friction between components was reduced and the start-stop system will go into play at speeds below 3 mpg, while energy system was optimized for lower consumption, were the most important but not the only modifications to be made.

Also the engine themselves have seen alterations for the better. The 1.6 liter T3 with 4 cylinders develops 150 horsepower, the same, but now has a figure of 49 mpg, compared to 42.8 mpg previously. This engine is equipped on the S60 and V60.

Orders can be made fist thing in 2012, but actual deliveries will take place in April. Overall, these are great performances for Volvo, which is also a leading company in Europe when it comes to CO2 reduction.

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