Volkswagen's Electrical Concept Offensive - New Electric SUV ID Crozz with 500 KM Range

Volkswagen’s Electrical Concept Offensive – New Electric SUV ID Crozz with 500 KM Range

Volkswagen seeks to rehabilitate its image in front of customers with an avalanche of electric concepts disclosed under the ID brand.
The last period showed that Volkswagen seeks to intensify work on its ID brand. This brand brings together all the electric models developed by the German manufacturer. If until now we met a hatchback and a minivan, Volkswagen presented at the Auto Show in Shanghai the third model in the works: ID Crozz.

The ID Crozz version was presented as a future crossover with electric propulsion. The first electric car series will be released in 2020, at the pace things are going now. The Volkswagen ID Crozz will be developed on the new MEB platform modular. This MEB platform is dedicated exclusively to models with zero emissions.
As we have seen on other ID models already presented, the future Crozz will benefit from small sharp headlamps with LED lights and an illuminated front logo. The design is dominated by a plunged line, in the back, a set of rear doors which slide, and a shorter gauge to facilitate the interior space.

Even if it is smaller than a Tiguan, Volkswagen’s specialists boast that the new ID Crozz offers approximately the same interior space. The interior illumination is provided by a panoramic roof, on which LED rods were fixed. These can be switched on-off by recognizing gestures and are visible from the outside too.

The technology available for ID Crozz represents the best that Volkswagen has cooking in its research laboratories right now. In the center of the dashboard there is a 10.2-inch tablet for multimedia system, and instead of an instrument cluster we get a 5.8-inch screen. The buttons are almost completely missing, being replaced by a much more complex gesture recognition system. On the door panels, there are several touch buttons and the windshield is now a complex heads-up display with augmented reality, which projects key information in front of the driver.

Propulsion is provided by two electric motors, which provide a total of 302 horsepower. Resources are distributed on both axles – 101 horsepower to the front axle and 201 horsepower to the rear axle. The distribution of the total weight has been carefully thought out with 48 percent of its mass found on the front axle, and the remaining 52 percent on the back. Therefore, Volkswagen boasts that the model an exemplary grip of the road, similar to that provided by the current Golf GTI.

The range will be provided by an 81 kWh lithium-ion battery, which can guarantee travelling 500 kilometers before needing to recharge.
Last, but not least, the Volkswagen ID Crozz will be available with an autonomous driving mode. This is called ID Pilot, and will activate the radars on the car to take on the driver’s commands. The steering wheel will retract into the dashboard, the bodywork will be illuminated in a special way, and the LED lights will adapt themselves to road conditions.

The launch of the first electric model under the Volkswagen new ID brand is scheduled for 2020, with more models to follow in the coming years to complete the range.

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