Volkswagen Unveiled First Golf GTI Hybrid with 426 Horses!

The young students from Volkswagen and Sitech created the Golf GTI First Decade and Golf GTE Variant ImpulsE, for the Worthersee Treffen event in 2017. It is the largest annual meeting of models produced by the Volkswagen group which underwent a good deal of customizing.

2017 marks the passing of 10 years since Volkswagen supported the talents of its apprentices, leaving them to create not just personalized but also innovative versions of its series models. The two creations from this year propose different approaches for hybrid propulsion.

One of the solutions focuses on efficiency and autonomy working with a VW Golf GTE Variant. The main element of this version is a prototype battery with an increased capacity from 8.8 kWh to 16.8 kWh. This battery doubles the range in fully electric driving mode. The prototype has a total output of 165 kW is called the VW Golf GTE Variant ImpulsE, and was developed by 14 apprentices from the Zwickau vehicle factory, the Chemnitz engine plant, and from the famous Transparent Factory in Dresden.

This prototype comes with a distinctive finish, combining no less than five shades: Oryx White, Apassionata Blue, Anthracite, Hallmark and Saint James Red.
The interior uses abundant blue stitches on the steering wheel, dashboard and gearshift. It also gets sports seats dressed in Alcantara and ambient lighting that can be ordered via a mobile application.

The second prototype exhibited at the event in Austria is called Golf GTI First Decade, and has a more pronounced show car character. The hatchback created by 13 apprentices aged between 18 and 23, selected from Volkswagen and Sitech, is a model with strong sports valences.

More specifically, it is animated by a 410 horsepower gasoline engine, plus the 12 kW developed by a 48 volt electric motor. The internal combustion engine delivers resources to the front wheels, while the electric engine engages the rear wheels, resulting a hybrid propulsion system that also offers integral traction. However, the two engines can also be used independently. This means that the VW Golf GTI First Decade can run in 100 percent electric mode.

The electrical range is recovered during running, due to the regenerative brake system that charges the two batteries mounted on the rear of the car. The driver can select various modes of operation using either an application via a tablet or the infotainment system screen when Mirror Link connectivity is activated.
The exterior received a two-tone finish, Satin Ocean Shimmer and Atlantic Blue, an aileron, mounted on the tailgate, and 20-inch wheels.

The interior has completely dropped the rear bench for an inspirational motorsport look, but also to reduce the overall mass.
The VW Golf GTI First Decade was created in 9 months, based on the ideas provided by disciples, which follows 6 specializations. This is the 10th GTI prototype produced according to the VW disciples’ vision, which is why it is named the VW Golf GTI First Decade. The prototype managed to ring the trumpets for the anniversary of a decade of innovation, created by young designers – the 1,690-watt audio system might also have played a part.

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