Volkswagen Introduces the GTI Roadster at Woerthersee

Volkswagen revealed the actual GTI Roadster for production, as expected, at Woerthersee, in Austria, this week. This is a grand opportunity for Volkswagen, as they need some awe inspiring launches, in order to draw back youngsters, who are staying away due to Volkswagen’s unimpressive launches, for a while now. However, with this vehicle, Volkswagen proves once again, what they are capable of!

The GTI Roadster was originally designed for use in a PS3 game, although, its high popularity forced Volkswagen to come up with an actual concept. Sony asked Volkswagen, to come up with an exciting track vehicle, for their upcoming PS3 game, Gran Turismo. The iconic car maker stood up to this challenge and delivered on their promise of designing a breathtaking vehicle. This vehicle is a Special Edition, commissioned exclusively to commemorate the game’s 15th anniversary.

Volkswagen set up an in house designing team immediately, to figure things out. The design team consisted of experts Guillermo Mignot, Domen Rucigaj and Malte Hammerbeck. The GTI Roadster is not just a piece of plastic, as it features an equally impressive powerhouse under its bonnet. Volkswagen has installed a twin turbo charged 3.0 liter V6 engine, which is capable of displacing 503 BHP, along with 413 ft lb of torque at 4,000 RPM.

However, just 369 ft lb is generated at 2,000 RPM, although, we would have liked higher RPMs at the earlier level. These should make the GTI Roadster, a pleasure to drive, even within city boundaries, a feat, one would not expect from a sports vehicle of any sort. If you look at the likes of Lamborghini or BMW’s M Series for that matter, these vehicles are a little difficult to maneuver within tough spots.

If Volkswagen delivers on their promises, we could be looking at unmatched performance, from this vehicle. Power is delivered, via a 4Motion all wheel drive train, which receives power generated by the engine block, via a dual clutch seven speed automatic transmission system. Weight approximately 3,133 pounds, this vehicle, has a competitive power to weight ratio, which is bound to make it an impressive performer. However, the original vehicle was designed for in game use, hence, specifications were not laid out according to actual street rules, which are bound by specific rules.

Numerous design elements have been borrowed from the Vision GT, which was originally showcased in a vibrant avatar. We can easily expect this vehicle to be energetic, agile and performance friendly, both on and off track, although a street specific model is yet to be announced. This is actually a little too early, to speculate on what Volkswagen could have for us in the next few months. Hence, insiders are choosing to stay tightlipped for now.

However, a vehicle as radical as the GTI Roadster will not stay under wraps for long, if Volkswagen has actual plans to bring this into production. However, if you are impatient about driving this vehicle, you could head over to your nearest game store and get yourself a copy of the latest edition of Gran Turismo.

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