Volkswagen fascinated at Paris showcase the Ducati XL2 Sport concept

Volkswagen surprised in its annual Paris Auto Show Group Night with revealing its ample VW coupe production potential XL2 sports developed and powered by Ducati which aid with its armed famed motorcycle. Its paired modification consists of 7-speed DSG V-twin Ducati ultra high-revving engine and also the body-shell is lightweight sporting.

The aerodynamic sports XL2 develops 147kW producing 134Nm units revs for 11,000rpm stratospheric within 5.7 seconds for the speed of 0-100km/h and the top speed of 270km/h. perhaps, the drag coefficient for XL2 with weight of 890kg is low as compared to any sports car road-going at 0.258.

However, body-shell used reinforced polymers of carbon-fiber to keep its weight low and the wheels of forged magnesium are wrapped with tires of higher-speed which is sized at front with 205/40 R18 and rear 265/35 R18 that reduce weight with 23.9kg from aluminum wheels. Also, XL2 sport is 1847mm wider, 4291mm longer and 1152mm higher which unveiled in Paris showcase.

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