VinFast President is Vietnamese BMW with V8

VinFast President is Vietnamese BMW with V8

Two years ago, the Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast introduced itself to Autoland, a new car brand that immediately unveiled two cars. An absolute top version of one of these has now been presented: the President. That absolute cream of the crop is an impressive SUV with a mighty V8, but VinFast also has news on the other side of the engine spectrum.

In October 2018, the brand-new Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast presented its first two models: the Lux A2.0 and the Lux AS2.0 . The first is a sedan, the second an SUV. The duo drawn by none other than design house Pininfarina uses technology from BMW. For example, the Lux A2.0 is secretly a BMW 5-series of the previous generation and the Lux AS2.0 shares its basis with the previous generation of BMW’s X5. Until now, the latter was only available with a 231 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but the arrival of the VinFast President now also brings a thick eight-cylinder to the SUV.

The VinFast President is available as a standalone model, but is in fact a Lux SA2.0 with a boldly decorated body, a sumptuous interior and a mighty V8 as power plant. Although VinFast is allowed to grab its materials from BMW’s warehouses, the eight-cylinder is not a BMW machine. It is a 6.2-liter V8 that comes from the shelves of FCA Automobiles. The 6.2 V8 is 420 hp and 624 Nm strong and helps the 5.15 meter long President to a speed of 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds.

On the outside, the President distinguishes himself with his exuberant bumper and spoiler work from his milder motorized brothers. The body of the car is laced with copper-colored details. The design of the bonnet is also striking, as it contains an apparently closed and therefore fake cooling opening. The President is also quite different on the inside from the regular Lux AS2.0. We see an interior that is finished with wood and beautifully stitched leather. Behind the wheel a partial digital instrumentation and also on the center console we encounter a large display. Incidentally, the President is only a temporary exercise. The over-the-top SUV is limited to 500 copies. His price: about € 140,000 converted.


VinFast also reports that it also wants to tap into the American market next year. The brand says it wants to bring an electric model to the market, a car that it says is still busy behind the scenes for the time being. AutoWeek got hold of exclusive patent plates (see above) earlier this year from an all-new and as yet unknown crossover from VinFast. An electric version of this newcomer was also on display. It is very likely that this is the electrical newcomer just announced for the US market. VinFast is investing heavily in a production line where eventually 250,000 cars can be built annually. The manufacturer says it has the ambition to become an internationally operating brand. It is therefore quite possible that VinFast will eventually also develop plans to enter the European market, undoubtedly also with this electric crossover. VinFast also has the Fadil on the menu, a much simpler model than we know from the company so far. The Fadil is nothing more than a converted Opel Karl Rocks with a bi-fuel 1.4 under the hood.

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