Unveiling the new SRT Viper by Dodge

Unveiling the new SRT Viper by Dodge

With the promise to deliver the stylish sporty shape and extreme engine performance, Dodge has finally revealed their new model namely the SRT Viper. This new sport car edition is the rework model of the 2011 version however by looking at the picture, the body shape looks completely different and with the best and the most stylish headlamps and the rims design. This car is currently being presented in the 2012’s New York auto show where this new extreme machine has grabbed the attention of probably all of the viewers there.

Dodge has previously launched the teasing video and incomplete image of this car which only reveals the extreme design body shape colored with the deadly blood red theme color, the performance of this new SRT Viper is even more deadlier than its body shape, this car is installed with the most demanded and extreme performance V-10 engine packaging along with some most post tools that makes this car just like having all thing insane.

For making the car faster and quicker in acceleration, this new 2012’s SRT Viper is installed with the carbon fibre sheet to reduce the weight. This light weight carbon sheet is installed the front bonnet, roof side and on the boot lid portion which results by making this car more faster and off course strong too. The total kerb weight of this new model is now 1455 kg which is almost 55 kg lighter than the 2011’s version of Dodge Viper.

Talking about the car’s extreme performance engine, this new machine, Dodge SRT Viper is installed with the massive performance V-10 engine package which has got the cylinder capacity of 8.4 Litres. With such great engine housing, this new extreme machine will going to deliver 680 bhp of output performance with the torqueiest vectoring of 600lb ft. The whole engine is housed in a aluminum box which insures the strength and helps the engine to avoid over heating. With such tremendous performance pack, the Dodge has installed the six shifts manual gear box with the boosting acceleration on every shift.

Not just this car has got the stylish shape and extreme engine performance, but this new SRT Viper has got the most luxurious inner too which is made from the contribution of comfortable seatings, stylish dashboard design which is installed with the most cutting edge technology. These tools include the TFT high color screen which is linked with the incredible stereo sound system. The screen has got some built in applications like the GPS navigation sat and other helping tools which make a fun experience to the driver.

Here in the New York’s auto show, this new SRT Viper by Dodge is remarkably getting the positive comments in regard to likeness because of the cars body shape which is no doubt the most stylish with the sporty shape and the engine performance that is being tremendous which makes this machine a super car too. This car is now known to be super-sports car, what you say?

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