Ultimate Barbie Car: the Pink Fiat 500

Ultimate Barbie Car: the Pink Fiat 500

If Barbie looking for a new car and she would definitely choose this special edition of the Fiat 500. Barbie pink, cute and friendly woman, what does a (young) woman want?

Only 500 units will be built this special issue, especially for the British market. But if you really want one, will we be able to get him here, obviously with the steering wheel on the wrong side. The basis for this has been the Barbie Mobile 500 Lounge proposed version, which gets you a 1.2 liter engine with 69pk. On the outside we find a flashy pink paint, inside we find a sunroof, a black interior and a pink matting obviously a key, in the same pink as the outside. Ecologically speaking, this car is not bad, it has a start / stop system allows the engine turns itself off if you stopped here, for example, the red light.

Cost of this female gadget / fashion item is £ 11,700, equivalent to 13,400 euros. That seems a lot of pink CinquecentoBut it comes out great. To pay for a 1.2 Lounge here in Belgium Already 13,600 euros for the basic version, while the Pink 500 contains options for 1,500 euros. Obviously you will still have cost him if you want to import, but if you have a beautiful gift you are looking for female spouse or daughter can perhaps take a look at the site promo, Online ordering is also possible.

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