Uber and NASA Working on Air Taxi Service – 2020 Launch Date in Los Angeles

We already knew that Uber has been working on air sharing, known as Uber Air for some time, but concrete evidence has only now begun to emerge. Newer and NASA were co-opted into the project, and we also have details of the cities where the service will be inaugurated.

The idea of a “flying car” is just a crude description of the air vehicle, which gives the feeling of a combination of helicopter and airplane. NASA will help develop an air traffic control system within the Uber Elevate/Uber Air service. A promotional video was presented, which shows how the customers will be embarked.

They ask for an Uber via mobile application, then climb the elevator to the top floor of their building, where they are waiting for the vehicle on the heliport. Then they pass the turnstiles and a team of people with Uber jackets guide passengers to the “flying car”. After takeoff there is a a couple of minutes of flight, which passes over the traffic congestion on the ground and arrives at the airport in Los Angeles.

The ideal price Uber aspires to ask is somewhere at 20 dollars, but it takes longer to get that amount.
NASA already had projects related to air traffic management systems for vehicles, flying at less than 150 meters altitude, but focused on smaller and larger drones, until now that is. The three cities in which the pilot programs will be implemented by 2020 are Dallas, Dubai and more recently, Los Angeles.

It is worth mentioning that air traffic over Los Angeles is extremely busy with 6 airports in the city, dozens of news crews in helicopters and dozens of police helicopters.

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