Trent Barcroft takes over as the CEO of Fiat Automobiles South Africa

Trent Barcroft, the current Managing Director and CEO of Chrysler South Africa, is all set to be the CEO of the Fiat Group of South Africa as well. This has been termed as a case of two separate entities moving together for a stronger future.

The first official announcement came from South Africa and this step is being seen as a merger between two top companies of the world, which share a common investor, Sergio Machionne. This is the first major step within the company since the purchase of 58.5% of Chrysler’s share by Fiat.

Trent Barcroft will be in charge of operations of both the companies, which will simultaneously take on global operations. Oscar Rivoli, the current Managing Director of Fiat Automobiles South Africa is set to be promoted to the European sector of Fiat and he will subsequently shift to Turin, Italy.
The local merger is a very important aspect once you consider sales and it is hence essential to have a single head for both the companies, if you want the sales figures to improve. The companies will not only share a single head, but also their resources. This will help in creating a global market for the company’s products as well as sharing of technology.
Trent Barcroft took charge as the South African head for Chrysler LLC in 2009, after being transferred from the Middle East. He is connected to the company for the past 30 years and his dedication has seen him up through numerous designations in the past three decades.

Trent Barcroft was however related to the South African sector of Chrysler, as he was the person to set up the current dealership network in the country back in 1999. He came back as the manager of the South African division in 2000 and stayed here till 2005 under the administration of the former Daimler Chrysler organization.

Under his able command, Chrysler has out grown market sales many times in the past. For example, in June 2012, Chrysler alone managed to sell 1,001 cars. The overall annual car sales in South Africa is 39% higher than the same quarter the previous year and this figure was a whopping 69% for June 2012 as compared to June 2011.

The Chrysler – Fiat bond has favored many sectors of the car industry. However, it is the legendary Jeep which has entered its 71st year and as a result high sales figure is what the company wants.

Some of the other subsidiary companies under the Fiat – Chrysler partnership are Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Dodge. Fiat and Alfa Romeo have already spread their dealerships in South Africa and they have Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles on sale from their dealerships.

Fiat and Chrysler are trying to build a world class dealer network and provide world class experience to the customers. After sales service has improved considerably after the merger and the companies are looking forward to a prosperous future, which they seek to achieve through the merger. It remains to be seen when the lofty goals will finally be fulfilled.

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