Toyota Voted the Most Valuable Automotive Brand of all time

Toyota Voted the Most Valuable Automotive Brand of all time

Car buyers are aware of the negative aspects of the 2014 Corolla, frontal collision damage being primary. The Institute of Highway Safety recently conducted a survey where they specifically mentioned that Toyota’s performance with its latest Corolla was marginal and this vehicle is not very safe when it comes to sporting a strong chassis. Crash tests were found to be very harsh on the front passenger and driver and hence safety issues were reported.

However, the irony of this situation arises as these same customers have voted to make Toyota Corolla the best selling cars of all time. Toyota is a global brand and is capable of selling vehicles solely via their brand name. Toyota is competing with global brands such as General Motors, in American markets and this is a feat in itself. Toyota has achieved global success owing to its vehicles from sister concerns Lexus and Scion FR-S as well.

Toyota believes in building economic rides and this has helped the company attract positive attention and sales. Toyota has sold close to 233,000 units of the Corolla throughout September and this is a new feat even for home grown car makers. Japanese imports have given strong competition to locals ever since early 2000s although this is gaining a whole new ground with modern technology coming into play.

American vehicles are known for sheer power and refinement is not their strong point while European cars are refined, luxurious and way out of most people’s price range. Japanese cars on the other hand are cheap and easy to own and maintain, unlike American production vehicles which are low fuel efficient and highly polluting. Global crude prices have a major role to play in the general populace growing more cost sensitive and aware.

Apart from Toyota, this list of top 100 car makers around the globe includes Hyundai, which is at 43rd position. Iconic cars surprisingly have no mention in this list and popular car makers such as Ferrari. Bentley, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi etc are lagging behind in terms of ranking and sales. Another surprising turn of events was Alfa Romeo’s increasing popularity in the European segment.

Alfa is one of the unlikeliest of candidates for popular vehicles in Europe. However, this is ground reality and Alfa is selling more cars per month than the more established and rather refined brands. Global auto purchasing trend is shifting fast and car makers manufacturing eco friendly vehicles are up for a profit. Performance and handling may not be major criteria, although safety concerns need to be kept in mind at all times.

Toyota has made quite a few modifications in its America bound Corollas and these vehicles are now safer and easier to drive than their predecessors. Modifications are constantly being made to these cars to keep them up to date and hence Toyota is growing popular almost daily. The rapid progress in car designs and technology is on a constant loop. Hence, we can expect better technology and vehicles from Toyota within the next few years.

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