Toyota Verso-S, FT-CH and plug-in Prius in Paris

Toyota Verso-S, FT-CH and plug-in Prius in Paris

Toyota will be in Paris the Toyota Verso and the FT-S-CH proposals, an environmentally friendly concept that the hybrid drive in another segment will introduce.

The FT-CH, a compact wagon, FT stands for Future Toyota Hybrid and CH stands for Compact. The focus of this model will be on quality, simplicity and affordability. Moreover, this must be the first compact car that features a hybrid drive.

Furthermore, Toyota plans to the 2012 Prius to plug in the stabbing. To plan also to the general audience, the plug-in Prius on display stand in Paris. In Europe were already 200 such cars are distributed in a limited lease program. The Toyota iQ, Toyota’s most compact car, gets a new interior. The interior would be something qualitatively better than the last, which are already very topuitvoering also qualitative.

Furthermore, the Reverse-S at Paris Motor Show stand, a car that Toyota’s return to the compact MPV segment of the announcement. The car is less than 4 meters long, which he instantly shortest compact van in Europe. Central to the design of this model user-friendliness, quality, space and comfort. In the press release we were sent, there was no information on the Toyota Yaris HSD, wait a while?

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