Toyota unveils brand new 2011 Prius

Toyota unveils brand new 2011 Prius

Toyota is continuously upgrading their production line up, and right now they are researching with new 2011 Prius model. Probably this car model is going to be released at the auto show of Detroit. This car model is designed has got alternative plug in and innovative features. This car model is on the silhouette of standard 4-door hybrid feature. 2011 Prius has got the incorporation with v crossover and c Concept. This is really a great addition to the prius family. Japanese automaker has designed this car with the eco-theme.

Toyota is going to rock the auto show of Detroit with Prius v. According to sources this car model offers fifty percent more interior space than the recently available hatchback. It provides seating space for five passengers, and its rear seatback offers 60/40 folding option. Although it is a larger car model both in interior and exterior portion, it can efficiently slice through the air. Highly efficient and well experimented aerodynamic shape is capable of reducing drag force. Thus it enables to reduce fuel and power consumption. Smart design technology has reduced wind noise while running in the road with top speed. Experimental result show that its average drag co-efficient is approximately 0.29.

2011 Prius is featured with a 1.8 liter four-cylinder heavy duty engine which has got a perfect mate with the electric hybrid system. Its engine is capable of generating only 134 horsepower. But it can be said strongly that this car model is highly economic on fuel consumption. In the city areas it records 42 mpg and in the highways its record is 38 mpg. Prius v is a front wheel drive car model, and its engine specifications state that it is not a road rocket.

This car model can offer to select a preferable driving mode amongst the four namely Power, Economy, EV and Normal mode. Automatic push button start is on the representation of use of upgraded technology. It also features LED headlights to save energy, dynamic radar cruise control system and traction control system and so on. It has also got an improvement on safety elements. Toyota is providing seven safety airbags to protect you from all sides in major accidents.

From sources we came to know that this car model is equipped with upgraded navigation system, Entune multimedia system and other infotainment services. From the available pictures it is clear that its body has got an appealing designing. Smooth and highly refined paint coating has given it a sparkling outlook.

To cope with the urban environment Toyota is thinking about Prius c which is going to be the smallest family member of the Prius. Toyota believes that this car model will be highly fuel efficient on urban roads and tracks. We expect in the early of year 2012 Toyota will bring a production ready model of Prius C.

We have not yet got any information about its pricing. But we all are expecting that Toyota will keep the price within affordable limits. Detailed specifications and performance will be disclosed after its debut at the auto show of Detroit.

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