Toyota Showcases the Hybrid GT 86 at the Geneva Motor Show

Toyota Showcases the Hybrid GT 86 at the Geneva Motor Show

Toyota is currently working on an electric – petrol hybrid version of GT 86 supercar. The production model of the vehicle is under construction. However, Toyota has revealed a prototype of the vehicle which has been showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. This is a rear wheel drive dual seated vehicle and has been designed as a driver focused car. Toyota is quite choosy about the parts used in this vehicle as it is quite a special creation.

This rear wheel driven coupe is expected to be launched later this year although the specific time frame has not been set. This step has been taken to give this vehicle a much needed face lift as the GT 86 is nearing its mid life crisis. Turbo charging and super charging options are also being probed but the electric drive train option is a completely new addition to this vehicle.

Toyota has taken the wraps off this yet to be launched version of the GT 86 and the vehicle is almost ready for production. The GT 86 was not scheduled for a makeover and the management was not ready to take the risk initially. However, plans matured and the vehicle is finally ready for production. However, the standard issues of the GT 86 are not present on this vehicle and power cannot be the only answer to create a complete vehicle.

An electric motor is the best solution for the instant power / torque production and the high boost at lower RPMs in this engine affects the throttle response of the vehicle while not compromising on CO2 emission or fuel efficiency. Similar to the Prius, the IMA technology used in the vehicle is very efficient. However, it is not as complicated as the hybrid technology used in the Prius.

This also makes the GT 86 a cheap vehicle as it is very fuel efficient and easy to maintain. The vehicle has been aerodynamically adjusted and the body weight and roll factor have been adjusted to give the vehicle a more balanced ride. The handling balance should improve and the tuning has reduced the overall weight by close to 100 kg.

The general ergonomics of the GT 86 is better than its predecessor and this makes the vehicle fun to drive. Instant acceleration also reduces launch time and makes the vehicle even more vicious on open roads. Dynamic pressure has also been adjusted to reduce general over steer in medium and slow pace. This is an overall decent ride and worth the money.

Toyota has made some profound changes in the body of the vehicle and mechanics and this makes the GT 86 a one of a kind vehicle. The underbody fins have also been enhanced and this improves the general aerodynamics of the vehicle. The GT 86 retains the dynamics of its predecessor and this is a positive aspect of the vehicle. Customers have lined up to purchase this machine and it has built up quite a reputation for itself. Hence, heavy sales are expected.

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