Toyota Prius 2013

Toyota is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and has many lines of different types of vehicles for its shoppers. Toyota Prius is one of its hit cars from the past years and the company carries on with the same design model of the previous year. The Prius has that tail height with a wedge shapes body and domed roof. Whether you like it or not but the shape of this car is definitely distinctive from a distance. The size of the head and tail lamps is also mid-leveled as the car is designed for the families. The Prius is not very thrilling as far as the driving experience is concerned however, the roomy interiors, spacious trunk and the top of list, fuel economy is what its buyers go for.

There is a little work done from the previous model noticeably on the head and tail lamps which are made more significant and refreshing. The dimensions of the model are similar to the previous model. The interior is completely made out of hard plastic. The fabric of the interior gives a look of inexpensive design of an economy car. But the car has very vast space for luggage and the leg and head room for the passengers is also very good.

This car has been awarded the best hatchback cars for families in 2013. The seats of the Prius are also very comfortable. The standard features include the Auxiliary Radio with Bluetooth and USB input, with a push start button and a Smart Key. The upgraded features are the satellite radio, navigational system, a mono-roof with solar panel for car’s ventilation systems, touchscreen infotainment system with JBL sound equipment and a backup camera. However, the display of the touchscreen is not very comfortably visible under the sunlight or with sunglasses on. The passengers in rear can also not see it from the rear seats.

As for the performance, the Prius has the 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine and works in a synergy with a pair of electric motor generators under the Hybrid Synergy Drive system and can produce 134 horsepower output. This Hybrid Drive system enables the car to supplement the power of the engine and is able to power the car only on electricity in low speed and light weight loads and is able to recharge the battery which is situated in the rear deck. The battery recharge will take approximately 3 hours with 3.3 kilowatt onboard charger with 110 V household current.

The Prius gives the best gas mileage and has the top fuel economy among its rivals. The car gives the gas mileage of 51miles per gallon in the city and 48 miles per gallon on the highway. The mileage can exceed to 60 miles per gallon if the acceleration is done lightly on electric power on the low surfaces. Since the purpose of the car is fuel economy the drives for a wonderful and engaging experience should not be expected as the cabin is not one of the very silent ones and the suspension is also flatty of a kind and the brakes are also sponge like. The acceleration is either not the positive of this car as it approaches 0-60 mph in 10 sec. But the Prius however is not recognized by its high speed performance but serves the purpose for the fuel economies.

The Prius is built with strength and rigidity in its structure and comes with complete safety features. The car has received green signal in all the aspects of the safety and has all the features in response of front, side and rear impacts on the road. It has the highest ratings in its class as far as the safety measures are concerned. The car comes with 7 airbags along with the electronic system to control it. Other safety measurement controls include the antilock brake system, the stability and traction control and SOS button for roadside assistance. Another recent feature is added into the car named tier pressure monitor which tells the driver about the amount of pressure on the tiers to keep in check with the load for the ease of usage of electric battery.

All these features at such an acceptable price range surely makes it a must buy car. Toyota Prius has very nice van like performance, the elegant and stylish design with the huge plus point of brilliant fuel economy and very spacious interior which are ideal for the travelling families and loading cargo. Toyota Prius is undoubtedly a promising car and it will definitely deliver the goods for you. Toyota Prius is the best hatchback car for families because it is a beautiful combination of fuel economy, roomy interiors and high reliability advantages. Anybody looking for a mix of size, quality and family-features in a car must not look further.

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