Toyota Mega Cruiser - The Japanese Hummer That Few Know About

Toyota Mega Cruiser – The Japanese Hummer That Few Know About

We all know about the Toyota Land Cruiser, but few know about the existence of the Toyota Mega Cruiser – the all-terrain giant inspired by the Hummer H1!
The Japanese model had a history similar to that of H1, originally intended for the Japanese Army, and later to be produced in civilian version, which was introduced in January 1996.

The Mega Cruiser remains the largest all-terrain ever created by Toyota with a length of 5,090 mm, a width of 2,170 mm, a height of 2,075 mm and a wheelbase of 3,395 mm. In spite of its gigantic size, the Mega Cruiser has a 5.6 meters return angle thanks to its rear wheels turning in the opposite direction to the front at an angle of up to 12 degrees!

Such a rear spindle, with rotating wheels, did not bless even the legendary Hummer H1! Another plus, compared to the Hummer H1, is the interior, which can accommodate 6 people – two more to the American counterpart.

This car has a generous ground clearance of 420 mm and the attack and reclining angles are 49 and 45 degrees, respectively. The depth of the water that can be passed is 1.2 meters. More impressive is that this beast weighs less than 3 tons, more exactly 2,850 kg.

Under the bonnet, located behind the front axle, is the 4.1-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine that develops 155 hp and a torque of 382 Nm. The engine is coupled to the 4-speed automatic transmission, the traction is permanently integral and the suspensions are independent. The wheels are 37 inches in diameter and the rims come in atypical size-17.5 inches.
It was priced at about 100,000 dollars.

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