Toyota making a way to a digital revolution

Toyota Camry latest generation was launched last week. Top model Atara SL, is multi featured with DAB+ digital radio and audio. It is just like a standard kit and you can get it in a $40,000 sub car.
No doubt, Toyota has taken a bold step in the world of automobiles. It has given tough competition to the models such as, BMW and Audi by pushing their technology onto the list of options.

The best thing about radio programming of Toyota new model is that along with FM and AM radio tuning it is now featuring play rewind and pause programs for the radio. Many radio stations are now developing features for digital radios, yet these features are not available on the traditional services.

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Digital system provides better sound system as compared to the traditional radio. The users don’t need to tune in the station any more; they can easily find the station by their names.

Joan Warner, the chief executive of Commercial radio Australia, says the bold move of Toyota shall convince many more brands to switch to the digital radio and embrace it.

She mentioned that they have been working with different car makers to introduce the digital radio for last couple of years and now it depends on them to tell them there requirements regarding the digital radio; she adds that digital system is just a small chip added in a radio so it shall not be costly.

Warner said that there shall be improvements in the quality of the digital radio; it shall come with many features such as, maps, traffic announcements, album covers and many more. These are the benefits that every car user shall get.

She said that these services have black holes as, there are few places which lack such settings and they never showed up when they were switching to new settings.

She mentioned that, it shall take 12 months to place repeaters in some areas where the strength of the signals is low. It is discovered by the professionals that some areas lack behind in this evolution of radio system just because of the poor signals. So they are planning to place low powered infills.

Warner said the only problem with digital radio is that is looses the frequency as it is out of the range. It has limited range and is restricted just like digital TV, as the system moves away from the range signals abruptly dies. She meant that the car drivers need to use FM and AM when they re away from the range.

There are only brands in the vehicles offering the new digital radio technique in Australia, Toyota, Hino and Truck Company.
Digital radio is a new technology creeping into the new models. The models of Luxury marques, Audi, BMW and the Mercedes Benz include this technology along with internet connectivity. Audi is planning to take a step ahead and introducing new features related to the Google and its map system.

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