Toyota accomplishes the target of selling over 200,000 vehicles in March, 2012

Toyota has recently announced the sale of March, 2012 stating that they have experienced the best sale ever after 2008 as they have successfully sold 203,281 vehicles this month. As compared to the sale of March, 2011 there is an increase of 11.2% in the sale of Toyota vehicles this month. This comparison has been made on the basis of daily selling rate. The total selling days in March, 2012 were 28 whereas there were 27 selling days in March, 2011. Talking about the TMS sales, there was an increment of 15.4% as compared to last year.

For the first quarter of this year, TMS has reported a sale of 487,284 vehicles that is 9.4% more as compared to the selling rate of the first quarter of 2011 on DSR basis. There were 77 selling days in 2012 whereas; the selling days of 2011 were 75 in the first quarter. On the basis of unadjusted raw volume, there sales have gone up by 12.3% this year.

The figure posted by Toyota Division for total March sales this year is 183,142 units that indicate a 13.5% increment in sales on DSR basis as compared to March, 2011. While the volume wise sale of Toyota has reached to an increment of 17.7% over the year. A total sale of 20,140 units has been reported by Lexus unit. This shows a 6.1% decrease in sales as compared to March, 2011. Keep in mind that this comparison has been made on DSR basis. However, if we talk about the raw volume basis, the sales have been reduced on Lexus division by 2.6% over the year.
“Toyota has experienced its best selling days in 20008 before the recession hit the market. Looking at the Camry and Prius, both cars are setting new records the automobile company.

The Camry has experienced an all-time high sale record in March, 2012 whereas, the Camry has always been a hot choice for the consumers,” said Jeff Bracken who is vice president of Toyota Division Sales. “We are expecting the sales to rise more in coming months as the economic conditions are going our way these days,” Bracken added.

The combined sale of Toyota Division passenger cars was 113,135 unites in this March that is 19.5% more as compared to March, 2011. The increment in the sale of Camry and Camry Hybrid has been 30% over the year and the best ever moth was March, 2012 in which a total of 42,567 units of Camry were sold. On the other hand, Prius family has been on top of sales as well. The total number of Prius sold in March, 2012 is 28,711 that are 48.8% more as compared to the last year.

Another car that observed a great amount of attention from the consumers is Avalon. 3,327 units of Avalon were sold in March, 2012. This marks the increment of 20.8% as compared to the last year. The Corolla also experienced a hike in its sales as 28,289 units of Corolla were sold in March this year.

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