Top Gear to go into Hibernation till Christmas this Year

As far as television and magazine coverage goes for avid auto fans, there is no other program that attracts viewership like `Top Gear’ which had its premiere season in 1977 when it started as a motoring magazine show and has got enthusiasts glued to their seats since the past thirty five years. There are many groups of people who do not miss this show on BBC2 for anything. It has completed its eighteenth season on 11th March 2012.

The followers of the program were in for a rude shock few days back as they have learnt from a recent interview given by Jeremy Clarkson in South Africa during a radio show that Top Gear is going off the air till its Special Edition that will be telecast this Christmas and the program will relaunch again in January with its nineteenth season. Clarkson was in Durban, South Africa, to promote the Top Gear Festival there when he gave this radio interview.

It seems that people will have a long wait and a dry season until December. The question on everyone’s mind is “Why does it have to go off air?” Your guess is as good as anyone else’s. Links are being made to several reasons. The best bet would be that Top Gear is taken out presumably on account of the impending Olympics which is going to be the single most talked about event this year in the United Kingdom. Not only one channel but all of them would be busy covering the news on preparations and prologues before the start of the Olympics this year in London. The Games begin in London on 27th July this year and will go on till 12th of August.

Top Gear is currently on a break and will return for a Christmas special before being back in January 2013. Jeremy Clarkson mentioned specifically during the radio show in South Africa that his colleagues and himself would only come back together for the Christmas Special that Top Gear has planned. The exact words used by Jeremy Clarkson were, “It is going to be, it better be absolutely fantastic, it’s also about the only time the three of us are working together this year because there’s no Top Gear on this year.” But there was no hint of any apology or a justification for the vanishing act from now until December this year.

In addition to the radio interview, Clarkson has Tweeted in his account, confirming that Top Gear would indeed not return until January 2013 and that there will be an episode as a Christmas Special some time earlier to that. He mentioned on Twitter the following messages in quick succession. “There’s a rumour in internet land that there will be no more Top Gear this year. I’m afraid that apart from the Xmas special, it’s true!” “Would love to be back in the autumn but Sunday nights then will be full of fat people singing.””The good news is that the longer we have to make the films, the better they will be.””We will be back in January.”

As explained earlier, there may be two principal reasons why people are going to miss the screenings of Top Gear. One is the brouhaha with a speculation that this hiatus will be because of the Olympics and the other is that the group would be working on shaping together subjects and styling before they plunge into their nineteenth season. Apart from these two presumptions, it would be dangerous to add or conjecture a third wild guess.

The Planning for Season 19, as per inside rumours, will involve in a big way the working together of Toyota Motors and BBC to cover the modifications and the upgrading of the Hilux pickup trucks. People could expect to see such coverage in the opening flagship episodes of that nineteenth season.

People will have to accept that it is hard not to call these statements definitive. However, it is nice for them to know that there will be another Top Gear Christmas Special to look forward to. BBC is going to miss not only `Top Gear’ but also `Doctor Who’. Both these programs combined are its biggest money spinners.

The bottom line is that this bit of news has left many car fans bereft.

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