To Use Less Fuel ALMS Racing in Long Beach

Auto racing has a great part in brining innovative ideas and latest technologies on vehicles. At the same time auto racing has also lead to bring significant improvements on autos. That is why different organizations and companies are coming forward to set racing competition amongst latest releases. It is really sad news that in the past few years auto racing rarely happend which has hindered the improvement of vehicles with future technologies. It is rumored that NASCAR and IndyCar the spec race series will go on setting a few good racing. According to sources the glamour of seeing the competition against different competitive cars with their upgraded technologies has disappeared. But we hope that this bad time of auto world will be overcome soon.

ALMS (the American Le Mans Series), the only exception in that case which is obviously the Le Mans race itself for 24 hours of time period. Scott Atherton who is ALMS President and CEO told that by using renewable fuel to race cars has reduced the consumption of petroleum by 48 percent in comparison with other traditional race cars which run on all-petroleum. ALMS President said it to the government officials, political leaders and journalists in a press conference in Washington DC, and Atherton said that according to the Department of Energy. If it becomes possible with vehicles then U.S economy will get approximately $175 saving on fuel costs and the dependency on imported petroleum will be decreased by half.

It will really be highly appreciable by the auto world if it becomes possible to reduce pressure on naturally obtained petroleum. According to the ALMS saying it is getting developments of new standards, and ALMS says this along with its government partners and auto industry.

And it leads to term this as “Green Racing 2.0” which says that “a unique” umbrella concept”. Most interesting matter is that it is giving a real world proving base of innovative technologies developed to aid tomorrow’s automotive. Hope it will bring a positive result very soon and in near future vehicles will get reduced fuel cost and better performance as compared to the recent age.

Sources say that Green Racing was developed with the contribution and direct involvement of U.S Environmental Protection Agency, SAE International and U.S. Department of Energy. Automotive technologies are getting significant improvements as the days passing, and it is becoming a growing concern to reduce fuel cost and to save energy as the price of fuel is increasing day by day. In that case Green Racing has come to us as a most appreciable one to the energy saving program.

SAE International protocol stipulates that renewable bio fuel configuration is must for racing series to be qualified as “Green Racing”. Another important thing is that these vehicles also need to have multiple engine and powertrain configurations. Regenerative energy technologies are other mentionable parts for such vehicles to ensure reuse of energy and energy recovery. According to ALMS it is already on the way to meet the criteria with Green X Challenge.

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