The world’s fastest electric car

Genovation Cars has developed the fastest electrical car on the planet, based on the Corvette C6 Z06 but with a few tweaks.
Genovation Extreme Electric is already the fastest electrical car in the world. The vehicle managed to beat the previous record (301 km / h) on the roads of Kennedy Space Station, reaching a top speed of 330.8 km / h.

This electric car is based on the Corvette C6 Z06, but with significant mechanical changes. It has been replaced by a V8 7.0 electric drive engine, comprising two motors and a battery of 44 kWh. In total, the car has 600 hp and 637 Nm.

In addition, the weight distribution between axles is 50-50, which has enabled it to improve performance. Finally, it has a range of 210 kilometers with a single charge.

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