The Venerable Humvee's Replacement - Oshkosh JLTV

The Venerable Humvee’s Replacement – Oshkosh JLTV

In 2015, the US military had announced a competition to select a new model of a military vehicle of the same class as the Humvee. The competition was attended by General Motors too, Hummer owners, with a draft of new generation military vehicle.

However, the ultimate winner was a much smaller company, but very specialized in military trucks with full traction. The company name is Oshkosh Defense.
They came with the prototype of a Humvee-sized vehicle, baptized JLTV – Joint Light Tactical Vehicle – because in the military world a Humvee-sized vehicle is a smaller dude in the camp. Therefore, folks from Oshkosh, had the idea of producing a larger vehicle, M-ATV, resistant to mines explosions too. This portfolio of concepts brought in 2015 a prospect of at least 7 billion dollars in contracts for the delivery of the Humvee’s successor.

The new Oshkosh JLTV is slightly taller and larger than the Humvee, but military requirements impose very restrictive maximum height, for reasons of transport or crossing under special circumstances.

Therefore, Oshkosh ensured modifiable vehicle ground clearance, by which the total height of the vehicle can be lowered at the level of a Humvee.
As a matter of fact, the suspension of the new JLTV is the absolute pride of the new military vehicle, with a stroke of nearly 50 centimeters from the maximum to the lowest point! This provides extraordinary off-road adhesion, but also passage and forwarding capabilities that are far more advanced than those of the renowned Humvee. The manufacturer states that the new JLTV’s off road speed is 70 percent higher than the previous highest standards.

Humvee’s problem was that when it wanted an armored vehicle, they made it slow and less capable in off-road. The new JLTV comes armored from the factory, including the underside of the suspension, which was lacking in its predecessor. Armor and protection everywhere, including the provision of a secure cell for occupants, even in the event of a mine explosion or larger bombs – the vehicle could be damaged, but soldiers would remain alive.

With such armor, it is no wonder that the vehicle weighs between 9 and 10 tons, depending on the extra equipment you choose! And such a weight has to be pushed hard, so there is a need for a big engine as well. The Oshkosh mounts a 6.6-liter diesel engine on the new JLTV, a motor that is developed from General Motors’s Duramax engine. The engine’s maximum power is weakened to ensure maximum longevity. It is also adapted to a different fuel quality, specific to military vehicles, and the result is about 340 hp.

Other parameters, including internal functionality, are kept secret. It is known, however, that the vehicle can be equipped with all kinds of heavy weapons on board.
The price of an Oshkosh JLTV is not at all small, starting at about 250,000 dollars with the most elementary equipment on it. However, the US Army alone estimates it will need up to 55,000 such vehicles in the coming years, so Oshkosh certainly has a good demand for their new creation. And, of course, we should also tell you that the new vehicle cannot be bought by any civilian, being available only to the military.

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