The sporty Kia Pro Cee'd GT

The sporty Kia Pro Cee’d GT

The Korean car brand Kia has been known worldwide for the beautiful cars it produces. This brand has broken all its previous records by producing a sports car for the first time in its career. The car Pro Cee’d GT is a proof by Kia that this car brand is here to stay and has all the abilities to compete against all other leading brands.

This sporty car has been produced for those who love to race or merely drive fast and experience thrill. Featuring turbo charge oil for the engine, the car is a major hit in the UK. Talking to the manufacturer, the people at Kia claim this car to be a mark of the significant change in the car line of the brand. However this car is not made for actual racing purposes as it does not have the hard edged body like actual racing cars. But this car is a start to the edgy side of the brand and is being loved by people all over UK.

Talking about the appearance of the car, it has been shaped in a hot manner. The car is being showcased in the color white as this color depicts the edgy yet elegant nature of the car. The car has massive wheels, which give the ultimate look of a racer. The bumpers of the car have also been made a little heavier and lower than in a usual Kia car. The head and rear lights of the car speak for the style it has. The front lights have a luxurious look to them. They are made a little narrow as if a person is being clever. The back lights are higher than in a usual car and are made narrow too. The back of the car features the logo of Kia in solid black color.

The car has been modified in terms of the steering wheel. The steering wheel has been electrically powered and gives a sporty feel to the person driving it, as claimed by the manufacturers. Another great feature in this car is that of the Flex steer. This enables the driver to get assistance from the engine of the car according to the level of driver he sets. For example, even learning drivers can drive this car using this feature without having the trouble of over speeding.

Yet the car is not as quick as it should have been. But let’s not forget this is the first effort of Kia towards a new range of cars. What a lot of people like about this car is the fact that it has very low noise when it starts. Unlike other sporty cars, this car is quite “humble” in nature. The car has the ability to drive smoothly even on rough grounds and is therefore the perfect car for starters. The car makes low noise even when turned hastily. The humble car with absolute beauty on the outside and comfort on the inside is what this vehicle is all about.

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