The new Volkswagen engine in 2012, tested by Vanthoor

The new Volkswagen engine in 2012, tested by Vanthoor

Engine supplier in Formula 3 different classes of Volkswagen has developed a new engine, operated from 2012 in the German championship will be deployed. More power, more power and less cost is the key. The Dutchman Laurens Vanthoor was for Volkswagen, the latest addition to its paces.

Since 2012, the nearly 250 bhp engine first time being in the German ATS Formel 3 Cup betting. “The new standard Volkswagen Formula 3 engine from 2012 will bring lower costs because they are specially built to keep costs low and long service life. At the same time the great capacity and performance, plus the push-to-pass system, also from a sporting point of view an extremely attractive power, “said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Kris Nissen.

Besides the large reduction in cost – according to the manufacturer, this fifty percent lower than the current level of failure – is of course the push to pass a large system development. With a button on the steering, the driver calls 33 extra horsepower, which should facilitate overtaking. A light in the chassis will make clear to the public when using the new system.

Laurens Vanthoor, German Formula 3 champion in 2009 and currently operates Signature in the Formula 3 Euro Series, was honored for the new engine as his first test at the circuit of Oschersleben. “This is every racer’s dream: a button that gives you extra power,” said an enthusiastic Vanthoor. “The push-to-pass feature is a real plus and will ensure that spectators get to see more overtaking. In addition, the drivers use it for tactical reasons. “

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