The new face lifted Range Rover unveiled

Range Rover has managed to retain its position as the leader of the pack when it comes to off road experiences. With the introduction of the 2013 model of the Range Rover, Land Rover, the makers of the beast, have consolidated their position again as the number one in 4 x 4 vehicle productions.

The Range Rover underwent similar changes and a face lift was implemented in 2011, this is the second time in as many years that the design of this 4 x 4 is going on the drawing board. Last time the interior and the technology were upgraded and this time the same has been planned in addition to the performance upgrade.

The other feature which is going to be introduced is the latest model is minor improvement in the exterior design and different paint schemes for this already bulked up vehicle. The level of technology and luxury instilled in the Range Rover is unparallel in the segment and Range Rover is the first car maker to bring out dedicated 4 x 4s.

The new model is expected to bring some additional flamboyance to the already hyped car and this is expected to boost up the sales. To match up to the new exteriors, a five spoke alloy wheel is also being introduced in the new model and some of the new paint schemes available are causeway grey, Mariana black, Havana black, Barolo black and Barossa.

The interior pain scheme has also been upgraded and the customers can now choose from two different paint schemes: dark cabin color with light colored upholstery or the other way round. The new Range Rover was introduced recently at the 2011 Motor Show and the best luxury feature of the car has to be the new improved sound system.

A high performance audio device has been installed in the 4 x 4 and this makes the car even more desirable for the music geeks. Performance wise the car has no competition in the market and the Range Rover tag is enough to convince potential buyers about the make and quality of the vehicle.

The engine remains unchanged in the 2012 model which produces a healthy 375 KW and 625 Nm of torque 2,500 – 5,500 rpm and the 5.0 L V 8 is super charged and gives the additional boost which this monster requires.

The performance tweak is however provided by the ZF HP28, automatic 6 speed gearbox which has the latest command box technology in all standard versions. The technology helps the car gain perfect gear shift and hence optimum performance is extracted from the engine.

The entry level model of the 2013 Range Rover is the SD V 6 featuring a powerful but small V 6 engine. Luxury features of the SD V6 will be the same as that of the other standard Range Rovers. However, the price difference is balanced by the better technology and performance of the high end versions of the car.

The car is expected to do great business and it remains to be seen if Range Rover can cast their spell in the market again to boost sales.
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