The new 2020 Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes is (almost) ready with a brand new – and promising – generation (W223) of its flagship, the S-Class.

With a gigantic range, you can undoubtedly find something at the Mercedes dealer that perfectly meets your wishes. Heads of state, CEOs and dignitaries have long enjoyed the S-Class luxury saloon, which functions as a dignified Das Haus flagship. You seldom saw so much luxury, comfort, safety, appearance, reliability and a high-quality finish.

The sixth-generation S-Class (code name: W222) was launched in 2014 and has since been refreshed several times, in Stuttgart (Mercedes HQ) they are preparing for the unveiling of the new variant (W223) in early September. The new S-Class must of course become even better in all areas, but at the same time stick to its classic appearance, at the same time Mercedes wants to emphasize its # 1 position in the premium segment once again with some high-tech innovations.

Think of a brand new 3D dashboard, unseen (sound) insulation, gigantic head-up display, airbags in the back, sharply rotating rear wheels (= maneuverability), advanced parking assistance and a vertical infotainment system (and sliding door handles) as we already saw with the Tesla Model S. As a fully-fledged competitor to the latter, Mercedes will also launch a top-of-the-range all-electric EQS .

Youtuber (and Mercedes # 1 fanboy) RokenR (also known as Mr AMG or Remove Before Race) was already introduced to a (camouflaged) prototype and already shares some interesting details. For even more information and official images, we still have to be patient until november 2nd.

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