The Most Iconic Bridges in The World

The Most Iconic Bridges in The World

Puente Nuevo – Ronda, Spain
The bridge is the symbol of the Andalusian city of Ronda, being an architectural and artistic miracle. It has a length of 97 m and stretches over the Tajo Gorge, with a depth of 100 m. Puente Nuevo was completed in 1793.

Khaju Bridge – Isfahan, Iran
Finished in 1650, the Khaju Bridge was built over the Zayandeh River, being an illustration of the sophisticated Islamic architecture. The central passage on the upper level of the bridge is the main aisle, and the vaulted paths on the side are used by pedestrians.
An interesting feature of the bridge is the presence of a shuttle gate, under the arcade, to regulate the water level of the river, but it also functions as a picturesque dam.

Chengyang-Sanjiang Bridge, China
All the construction is made of wood and stone, but amazingly no nail was used. With a length of 67 m, the bridge is adorned with five pavilion towers with four floors, decorated in the Dong style. Strategically located banks allow tourists to admire the spectacular natural surroundings – the Linxi River, the picturesque tea forest, and the green hills. 

Banpo-Seoul Bridge, South Korea
It became a fountain bridge with 10,000 LED nozzles, along both sides, throwing more than 190 tons of water/minute, with which it entered the Guinness Book of Records. With the renovation, Banpo has become one of the most interesting bridges in Asia, one of the most impressive fountains in the world and a true tourist attraction.

Gateshead Millennium – Newcastle, United Kingdom
Gateshead Millennium is a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, stretching over the Tyne River in England. A revolutionary system allows the hydraulic pistons at each end to tilt the entire bridge so that smaller ships can pass through the interior.

Rialto Bridge – Venice, Italy
The grandiose Ponte di Rialto is the oldest Venetian bridge, finished in 1592, which cuts across the Grand Canal. The 24 shops lined up along the bridge are separated by a double archway.

Tower Bridge – London, United Kingdom
The Tower Bridge, built in 1894, continues to be a symbol of London and one of the most famous and recognizable bridges around the world. With a length of nearly 250 m, the bridge has a maximum opening of over 40 m, which allows boats to cross the Thames.
Viaduct Millau – France
The Millau Viaduct is an enormous cableway suspended road bridge, near Millau, in the south of France, across the Tarn River valley. The architecturally stunning viaduct holds the title of “the highest bridge in the world”.
Basically, the Eiffel Tower can easily sit under it, and there is still plenty of space left.

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, USA
Few bridges in the world can rival the Golden Gate Bridge, which is more than 2.7 kilometers long, being one of America’s symbols. Finished in 1937, Golden Gate connects San Francisco and Marin County.
Nowadays, millions of commuters and tourists cross the bridge every day.

Ponte Vecchio – Florence, Italy
Although there is evidence of a bridge that passes over the Arno River dating from the tenth century, the most representative building of Florence – Ponte Vecchio – dates back to 1345.

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