The McLaren 650S Coupe is a Vehicle to Watch Out For!

McLaren’s MP4 12C has been the talking point for the company for quite a while now and this vehicle is arguably one of the most advanced, in terms of engineering prowess. However, McLaren was not content with this vehicle and went ahead with launching their ultra modern P1. This vehicle was a masterpiece in terms of engineering and designing, with modernized aerodynamic properties that guarantee greater performance gains.

However, if you think McLaren would rest at that point, think again. The British car making giants have come back again with a new vehicle in their kitty that is christened the 650S Coupe. This vehicle is arguably one of the most technologically advanced vehicles we currently have and draws power from a twin turbo charged 3.8 liter V8 engine, mated to a dual clutch seven speed transmission system.

Despite sharing base fundamentals with the 12C, this vehicle is 25 percent brand new. Despite external similarities with the P1, McLaren has promised quite a few unique mechanical components on this vehicle that should pump up the general appeal of this vehicle. The 650S Coupe should be available for a base price tag of £195,000, although the Spider could easily set you back by another £20,000.

Power displacement has been supped up, which produces 641 BHP, up from 617 BHP, while torque displacement has also increased to 500 ft lb, 90 percent of which is available post the 3,000 RPM mark. These features make this vehicle comfortable to cruise in, while modifications on the transmission give this vehicle a smooth and refined edge. Three drive modes, namely Track, Sport and Normal have been provided and these enhance drive appeal.

Suspension upgrades have also been made, along with suitable damper modifications, while subtle hydraulic changes make this vehicle softer to ride on. You can change these damper settings according to terrain conditions and personal choice and this brings forth major performance difference on asphalt. Softer springs are in use, while a lowered suspension smoothens out bumps.

The 650S coupe does not drive differently than its Spider variant, even though the later does not sport a roof, which is actually supposed to weaken its frame and body structure. However, no major differences could be felt when we drove both these vehicles around the track and their times were surprisingly close to each other.
If you compare a 650S coupe outright with a 12C, the differences can be felt instantly, due to an upright nose structure inspired by the McLaren P1. If you think that this Coupe is a combination of both, you are not entirely mistaken. Like every other vehicle manufactured by McLaren, this vehicle is chiefly based on performance aspects, which in turn makes it difficult to resist.

However, once you are behind the wheel of this car, you will be surprised at how easily this car outclasses the 12C. Even though officials are not willing to term it as the second generation 12C, similarities and upgrades are clearly visible. Stay tuned as we come back with additional details regarding this vehicle.

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