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The Glorious Future of German Luxury – Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

It is time for the official premiere of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 model!
It debuted at the Monterey Car Week, later presented at the Elegance Contest at Pebble Beach, California. The magnificent coupe almost 6 meters long (5.70 m long, 2.10 m wide and 1.33 m high) is inspired by the aerodynamic models of the 30s and it is incredible how well the designers could play the spirit of those models. Perhaps this is the best modern reinterpretation of classic models, but also the most unusual interpretation of ultimate luxury.

The classical silhouette shaped as a drop of water with an extremely long hood is accentuated by some chrome strips along the body. The chrome elements are found at the bottom and thresholds, where they are shaped like stairs that were used to more easily climb inside the classical models. The 24-inch rims with aerodynamic design hint to the wheels of classical models, even though they are made in a more futuristic manner.

Extremely interesting is the accomplished rear window, which is divided in two, being crossed by a LED strip. Derriere itself is a tangent not only to the aerodynamic coupes of the past, but also to luxury yachts. The hood is made up of two elements that open up, as classical models, but once opened you do not find an internal combustion engine, but the luggage space. In there we can find two original suitcases.

The cabin was designed as a lounge of the future that combines large size digital screens, elm panels and fine leather upholstery. The windshield has the role of a screen to display information about running and geographic data. Passengers can control the information displayed on the windshield using gestures, not buttons. Also, the cufflinks in the seat upholstery are not wrapped in leather, as are the chairs. Actually, there are sensors that measure vital functions of passengers.

Depending on the parameters read by the sensors the seat massage function is automatically activated, adjusting their position and air conditioning functioning is adjusted to enhance passenger comfort as needed.
Sensors in the chairs read the incidence of light in the cockpit, distinguish the color of passengers’ clothes and taking into account the temperature of the car change the ambient lighting in the cockpit to customize environments.

The Vision Maybach Mercedes-6 has the ability to run independently and propulsion is electric 100 percent.
The electric propulsion system consists of an 80 kWh battery and four electric motors that together generate 550 kW (750 hp). Each wheel is driven by one electric motor, which means that this coupe benefits from all-wheel drive. This solution helps it to sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds and reach a top speed electronically limited to 250 km / h.

Besides the sports car performance, the electric propulsion system amazes with its range of 500 km! Another major addition is the ability to fast charge. In just 5 minutes the batteries are charged enough to allow a range of 100 km. Charging up to 350 kW can be done including via wireless charging.

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