The first look at the all new Volvo V40 D2 and the Volvo V60 D6

The first look at the all new Volvo V40 D2 and the Volvo V60 D6

Volvo unveils the new V 40 and V 60 hybrid at the Good Wood International festival of Speed. The Volvo V 40 is an innovative five door hatch back with all modern features and the V 60 is the world’s first diesel hybrid hatch back.

The Volvo V 60 D6 is an all wheel drive vehicle and it received accolades when it was launched at the Auto Show held between June 28th and July 2nd this year. The Volvo V 40 starts from 19,745 Pounds and has a host of high tech features combined inside the cabin.

The class leading V 40 is a pioneer in the luxury hatch back segment and car makers are set to follow in Volvo’s footsteps when it comes to a modern day luxury hatch back. The V 40 is the world first car to feature a pedestrian air bag.

This feature is an innovative one and it helps minimize pedestrian damage in case of an accident. City safety measures, standard Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an advanced low speed collision system are some of the features which come as standard on the V 40.

The D2 version of the Volvo V 40 features a 1.6 L diesel engine producing 115 HP and 270 Nm torque. CO2 emission is as low as 84 gm/km and the fuel efficiency is close to 78.5 miles per gallon.

The car features a six speed manual transmission and an automatic start stop feature. The Volvo V 40 D2 aims to make cars more fuel efficient as well as ensure lower tax bands. Apart from the V 40 D2, present at the Good Wood track was its closest sibling, the V 60 D6 AWD.

The V 50 D6 is being hailed as the most advanced car of the year, in terms of technology. The car is an electric car, is a hybrid and muscle, all combined in one. There is an advanced switch that switches between the three modes and the driver can choose to drive in any mode that he desires.

The V 60 D6 is an all wheel drive vehicle and is powered by 2.4 L diesel turbo charged engine. The engine produces a maximum of 215 HP with maximum torque production of 440 Nm. The rear wheel of the car is powered by an electric engine producing 70 HP. The total system produces a maximum of just 49 gm/Km of Co2.

The car comes enabled with three driving modes, namely the Pure, Hybrid and the Power modes. When the car is in pure mode it is powered solely by the electric engine. The car can run a maximum of 32 miles in this mode while the Co2 emission is close to 0.

Hybrid mode is standard every time the car is powered and in this mode, the electric and the diesel engines coordinate together to form the perfect balance between performance, mileage and emission.
The Power mode synchronizes the engines to provide the maximum power available. The car is set to be a huge hit when it hits the market and Volvo is waiting for the car to hit the showrooms.

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