The BMW ePetrol, a super specialty car for the cops

The BMW ePetrol version suggests the German four wheeler manufacturer American styling audio, Design works of USA has been very busy watching movies on sci-fi such as Blade Runner and reports of minority. The design of BMW is planning to create a 2025 LA petrol car which will be shown at the 2012 LA Motor show. According to the company, the police car needs some advanced technology in future. The speed as well as agility required for future needs strict emission regulations of California and the freeway system for future.

It also has to be kept in mind that in the year of 2025, the traffic will be more, faster vehicles and also an alternative drive trains requirement for those which are powered by petrol. A modular structure is featured to BMW ePetrol with three drones which are deployable which can be used for pursuing law breaking vehicles in the cities which are very congested.

The top drone has the power to fly as well as surveying the suspect from the sky. While 2 single wheel drone will deploy on the ground. Each and every drone is so strong that they can fire an impulse for disabling the car they are chasing. There will be no window in BMW ePetrol for the better security of the police officers. There will be a very large interactive screen for the display of critical information both externally as well as internally. The external is too presumable the aid of the helicopter of the police and internal for giving information of drone locations.

The car has bullet proof covers for the maximum security of the police officer from any type of attack. The recovery system of energy is deployed, the main vehicles which run on petrol always use the levitation turbine for floating. The car has the automatic gear transmission system which will control the car’s automatically in different types of condition. This car will be designed with latest technology so that it can accelerate faster compared to the other car.

The ePetrol is thin on the ground. But the BMW design workers states that the body panels are featured with recovery system of skin energy. The main motto of this technology is to absorb from highway concentrated heat for the continuous supply to the engine. The car is designed with high quality GPS system.

The motor show of LA 2012 will run from November 30 to 9th December. In Los Angeles there will be car advice, for reporting the show. At the end it can be concluded that it will be great for the cops, if this car takes the road. It will be a bit difficult to handle this type of car but these extra features will help the police in many ways. So, all the credit should be given to the BMW motors for the new thinking.

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