The best and not so good cars in terms of sales figures for 2013

The world of automobiles has always been one of extreme competition. The competition has been in different sectors of the performance, the engine, the power output, the fuel efficiency, reviews and feed backs and all others. But the most gruelling competition amongst cars and automobile manufacturing brands is that of sales figures.

In the sector of sales figures also, there are many different sub parts of the competition. The major category is the bestselling car model. Following this is the bestselling automobile manufacturing brand. The growth of a brand from previous year is also taken into account. This competition is in regard of a particular month as well as a time period from the beginning to the present date of the year, generally divided by quarters.

As the first quarter of 2013 comes to an end, the sales figures up to March 2013 have been released. And based on this available data, the competition has also begun, and there have been some interesting changes in the result compared to the last year.

The top five bestselling car models for the month of March 2013 includes the Mazda at first place with 3786 units sold. This is followed by two releases from Toyota, the Hilux with 3552 units sold coming in at second place and the Corolla with 3512 units sold coming in at third place. These two releases have resulted in the hike in total sales from Toyota. The fourth place is occupied by Hyundai i30 selling2595 units in March 2013. The Nissan Navara came in fifth with 2499 sales for the month.

The scenario for the sales figure of a car model for the first quarter of the year 2013 has been quite similar. Mazda, Toyota Corolla and Toyota HiLux occupy the first, second and third place respectively. The sales for these cars are 10,509 units, 9630 units and 9193 units respectively. The fourth position is occupied by Nissan Navara with 7618 units being sold. The Ford Ranger comes in at fifth place by selling 7355 units in the first quarter of 2013.

Coming to the best selling brands for the month f March in 2013, Toyota leads the list with some fantastic releases selling 18,653 cars in the month. The second place goes to Mazda although the sales have decreases from March last year with 9112 sales. Nissan occupies the third place with 8408 units being sold and Hyundai has the fifth place with 8402 units sold. Both Nissan and Hyundai have a increase in sales. The fifth place goes to Holden with 8283 sales and a decrease by 18.8 percent from March last year.

Toyota remains the top selling brand in the first quarter as well with 48,045 units being sold. Mazda holds on to second place by selling 26,752 units in the first quarter of 2013. Holden goes to third place selling 24,777 units and a decrease of 14.4percent from last year. Fourth place goes to Nissan with 23,868 units sold and fifth place goes to Hyundai with 22,723 units beings old.

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