The Alfa Romeo Mito powered by a new Twin Air engine

Alfa Romeo’s new flagship model, the Alfa Romero Mito is now available with an award winning Twin Air engine. The engine displaces a cool 875 cc and features a twin turbo petrol engine with an electro hydraulic valve. The fuel economy rate is hence increased by a great margin and the car manages to cut off emission levels by a huge margin.

The average Co2 emission level of the Mito is close to 100 gm/km, which is respectable in this category. The Mito is a high tech, compact sports vehicle and the introduction of the Twin Air technology in the vehicle further enhances this image. The Alfa Mito offers great drive pleasure and its performance is the best in class.

The Alfa Romeo Mito sports the most energy efficient and clean engine in the sports hatch back segment with a decent mileage of 67.5 miles per gallon and 98 gm/km emission. Retail and business customers of Alfa have the added advantage of a cost benefit like zero percent road tax – the lowest in all of the United Kingdom – group 9 insurance rating and exemption from the London congestion charge.

The 85 HP engine is among the first Twin Air engines to have been designed by Alfa Romeo and this is ironically one of the fastest selling vehicles from Alfa. Complementing its new technology behind the power train of the vehicle is the new color scheme – Ametista Black.

The Twin Air engine is the first sub 1 liter engine which has taken 3 of the world’s top engine awards in 2012 – the best new engine award, the green engine award and the performing engine of the year award.

Mito features an advanced Twin Air petrol engine, which provides enjoyable performance with moderate engine performance and impressive handling features. The Mito is the perfect example of a lab test. Alfa Romeo literally tested every technology they had in their books, in the Mito.

The Twin Air engine of the Mito combines with the innovative Multi Jet technology to give excellent fluid dynamics, which result in increased mileage. The Mito is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and powerful hatch back in the segment.

The level of comfort and drivability is at par with the luxury sedans and the performance is similar to a sports sedan with the mileage of a hatch back. All these together make the Mito a hot pick among the segment.
The Mito is available in a number of drive modes ranging from Dynamic to the more economic Natural mode and finally the handling expert all weather modes. The performance of the car is directly related to the selected drive train. Natural mode offers a reduced amount in torque and hence more mileage is extracted from the engine.

Dynamic mode is meant for power and hence witnesses an increase in around 35 BHP more than the Natural mode. The all weather mode is meant for wet conditions when traction is low. Hence, all the modes have their separate functions and make the Mito a car to watch out for.

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