The 2013 Nissan Note Supermini gets Rave Reviews

The imminent arrival of a new mini MPV by Nissan was announced at the start of 2013. Widely anticipated, the details of the forthcoming second-generation Note were not readily available until recently, when the first reviews started to pour in.

Designed and built in the UK, the new Note promises enhanced safety features and is jam packed with on-board technology, both for driver assistance and in-journey entertainment. The body work is much more slick than was showcased in the Note 1.6i – a family oriented vehicle which failed to make waves when it was released 7 years ago.

Three Engine Choices
The 2nd-gen Nissan Note comes with a choice of three engines; the 79bhp and 97bhp 1.2 litre petrol models, and the 1.5 litre diesel, the latter of which is both the most fuel efficient and the most eco friendly. Manual transmission is included as standard, but a CVT gearbox will be made available for the 1.2 litre petrol engine only.

On-Board Features
The standout feature of the new Nissan Note is surely the Safety Shield package, which includes systems for detecting moving objects, and warnings for both blind spots and lane departures. The package runs from the Note’s rear view camera, which utilised a wide angle for optimal performance and has an inbuilt wash and dry function.

Inside, the Note features two eco gauges – one attached to the pedal and one in the dash – which provide an efficiency rating, as well as real time economy. An almost dazzling array of buttons are embedded into the steering wheel and driver side dash, which may prove overwhelming for some. However the backlit gauges are clear and easily readable, seats are comfortable and the new Note feels considerably more spacious than its predecessor. Single racing stripes on the seat upholstery are a nice touch.

As a nice touch, the rear seats are capable of sliding backwards to create more leg room for rear seat passengers. Alternatively they can be pushed forwards to create more luggage room. As such, it’s a great vehicle for day to day tasks such as dropping the kids off at school, or shopping. Yet the Note is so much more than an MPV – it’s a supermini, deserving of the name, and a serious contender for the top spot currently occupied by the Ford Fiesta.

Nissan Note to be Released in Autumn
The Note looks set to be a firm favourite with families and car enthusiasts, the latter of whom will surely appreciate the wealth of spare Nissan parts to be found on From the optional legroom in the back to the sporty body work and handy eco gauges, all the eager anticipation for the new Nissan Note seems to have been justified.

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