Test Drive the Ultimate P1 GTR from McLaren in 2015

Test Drive the Ultimate P1 GTR from McLaren in 2015

For a driver P1 GTR from McLaren will be the best. This has been claimed by company when talking about its concepts and features during its show at the Pebble Beach.

McLaren did not reveal any detailed features of P1 GTR so far. But existing 375 owners of P1 will get a chance to win it at the cost of £1.98 million.
The company claims that it will be biggest track tailored plus most powerful vehicle that this brand has ever produced from its house. P1 had a nice aerodynamic structure which might be further optimized to deliver even better output.

The predecessor may contain better than 3.8 liter and V8 engine with light weighted electric engine. It may produce more power than 903 BHP and around 986BHP or so.

This ultimate sensation will be in selling just after a year from today. So stay tuned to be the first to book this car and get the best car for drivers.

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