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Tesla Sees New Competitor – The 1000 HP Lucid Air!

The young Chinese-American company Lucid Motors (formerly known as Atieva) officially presented its first functional prototype model – a premium electric sedan called Air that can produce 1,000 horsepower!

Lucid Air is a big step for the company from California that wants to make a name on the electric car market.
The electric propulsion development has allowed the emergence of car brands that want to make a name at the same time with the great revolution in the auto industry. While traditional manufacturers must provide gradual transition to fully electric cars, companies like Lucid begin with the hope that they will enjoy the image and success made by Tesla.

The manufacturer from California is very elusive in terms of technical specifications and only gives some benchmarks. What is without doubt is that the landmarks are exciting. The electric propulsion credited with some 1000 hp is capable of providing a range of up to 400 miles (643.7 kilometers). The rumors announce very convincing performance, specifically 0 to 96 km / h in 2.5 seconds. These specifications turns the Lucid Air model into a real rival for the Tesla Model S.
Lucid has access to advanced technologies in terms of batteries and by partnering with Samsung SDI. At the time when the partnership was announced, Lucid noted that its first model will be produced starting with the latter part of 2018. The base price will be around 65,000 dollars, but due to multiple optional equipment the prices will go up to 100,000 dollars.

Right now, Lucid is receiving pre-orders which the customers can make by paying an advance of 2,500 dollars. It is a business model used by Tesla too. First of all, a debut edition will be produced, limited to 255 copies. For them, it requires an advance of 25,500 dollars.
Bottom line is that the Lucid Air looks like an expensive car. Or better yet, it looks like a concept. It has a very successful and futuristic design, which you could say is better than the design of Tesla’s Model S.

Concerning the thin headlights, Lucid’s officials say that they are inspired by insect eyes, with thousands of adaptive micro lenses through which light is propagated. Also, the interior is a real luxury lounge with aesthetic borrowed from science fiction movies. It is a simple yet very modern. This is underlined by multifunctional screens that replace all conventional buttons. The audio system consists of no less than 29 speakers and it also has a function of ambient noise cancellation.
Without giving details, Lucid states that the Air model has autonomous driving functions. Regardless of who’s driving, the rear seat passengers can enjoy individual seats that seem borrowed from a luxury airplane. The backrests of the rear armchairs can recline up to 55 degrees, allowing passengers to sleep in perfect comfort too.

For the construction of the series model, the company Lucid Motors will built in 2017 in Arizona, SUA, an own factory in which will invest 700 million dollars. To 2018 will be produced only 250 cars subsequently the production volume will increase.

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