Tesla Motors Developing Infrastructure throughout America and Canada

Tesla Motors have been developing electric vehicles quite successfully for the past couple of years and now the company plans on building and developing the infrastructure necessary for sustaining the new electric vehicles. Tesla has confirmed that the firm plans on designing and installing Supercharger stations within the perimeters of the city within the next few years. Tesla Motors is planning on building hundreds of easy charging points throughout America to help customers recharge their vehicles on the go.

The network will be spread across America and Canada and this will require huge investments and planning to take shape. The company is currently in talks with the Government and positive news should emerge as this will help the economy of the states and the environment as a whole. Tesla has already started working on the Supercharger stations and the number of stations is soon to be tripled within the major metros in America and Canada.

Tesla plans on making one Supercharger station available every 100 miles in any direction within 2016. This is an ambitious project and Tesla is receiving full Government support to carry on with their project. This means that the young generation can finally drive their battery operated car to any part of the country they want to, without having to worry about power supply. Tesla Motors also plan on enhancing battery life of a vehicle so that they can run for sufficient miles on a single recharge.

The Tesla S Sedan went on sale in America back in 2012 and the high sales recorded by this vehicle got Tesla thinking about the prospects of the company if sufficient backup and after sales were provided. Tesla Motors have a few interesting projects up in mind and decreasing the amount of time required to completely recharge a car cell is one of the most ambitious at the moment. Currently it takes 24 hours for a car battery to power itself completely and if the new project is successful, the time could be reduced by a hefty margin.

According to reputable sources, building each Supercharger substation will cost Tesla close to $150,000 (or $300,000 if they feature solar panels). This project is expected to increase the stock market rating of shares by over $1 Billion. Tesla Motors recently made history when they returned their loan sanctioned by the US Government before the maturity term and the new announcements do not come in as a surprise.

Vehicles designed by Tesla Motors are quite practical, although people need to shell out a fortune to own one. The vehicles are however cheap to run and operate although after sales service is quite efficient. Parts could cost a fortune again and this is the primary resin people stay away from electric vehicles. This notion is however soon to change with Tesla coming up with better and more reliable technologies. This is a great benchmark in the automotive world and the other players dealing in electric vehicles will need to better the offers made by Tesla.

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