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Tesla Model S P85D: The Most Powerful Electric Sedan In The World

Tesla, the American manufacturer of premium electric vehicles, presented to a group of journalists from the United States the latest version of the Model S range.
The electric sedan now has a new top version bearing the indicative P85D, D for Dual Motor. This means that the Tesla Model S P85D has not one, but two electric motors, one for each deck. Thus, the Model S P85D now has four-wheel drive and a combined power of 691 hp, which makes this electric sedan one of the most powerful four-door cars. Sales for the new version start in December and the first deliveries are expected in February 2015.

To get this power, the P85D uses a 221 hp electric motor for the front and another 470 hp unit for the rear axle. The result is a combined output of 691 hp and an acceleration time to 100 km / h of 3.2 seconds. Tesla Model S P85D becomes a faster car then the Dodge Charger Hellcat or Porsche Panamera Turbo S.
The quarter mile is covered in 11.8 seconds. Despite the performance, the new Model S version can be distinguished from the rest of the range only with an agile eye. Apart from rear logo and calipers painted in red, nothing betrays the difference between this version and the standard one.

Maximum speed for the Model S P85D is 250 km / h and autonomy was increased by 16 km, compared to that of the P85. This means that the new P85D can travel 443 km with the batteries charged. The addition of the second engine increased vehicle weight by 132 kg, for a total of 2,240 kg. Weight is ideally distributed with a 50:50 ratio.

Presentation of the new model took place on a small airport in Los Angeles in the presence of Elon Musk, Tesla CEO. “We improved the model S in all areas, which was not easy to do,” he said.

Besides the new top version, the sedan receives several variants propelled by two electric motors. They will be called 60D, 85D or P85D depending on the power of two engines. The 60D and 85D variants use an electric motor rated at 188 hp for both axels. The Tesla Model S 60D can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds, and the 85D model requires 5.2 seconds.

Besides presenting the new versions, Tesla brought a series of other novelties. The most notable is a new system which allows semi-independent driving. The system uses a set of cameras and sonar to monitor traffic and possible obstacles. If the system is active and traffic slows, the Model S will adjust the speed accordingly, and it can automatically stop if necessary.

The system monitors accidental leaving of lanes and a simple touch of the signaling lever on the highway will allow changing lanes without the driver acting the wheel. Also, with the aid of video cameras, the system reads speed limit and regulates the running speed accordingly.

In conclusion, Tesla already has all the ingredients to create an autonomous car. Elon Musk said that we can expect it to appear in five or six years.

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