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Tesla Model 3 Details: Two Versions, Premium Options, 500 Kilometers Range

Tesla goes one step further, and very aggressively attacks a volume market accessible to US customers who can afford between 30,000 and 50,000 dollars. In the end, the Tesla Model S and Model X were meant to pave the way for Model 3.

The first two models are expensive and did not give carmakers a lot of emotions, boasting annual sales of millions of cars. But Model 3 has the role of making electric propulsion an alternative available to a wide range of customers. This sedan, comparable in size to the middle class, practically starts without a direct rival, and its specifications and equipment are truly convincing, especially considering the announced prices.

The standard battery model will have prices starting at 35,000 dollars. It will be produced from November 2017 and will have a range of 354 km. At a supercharger, the standard battery requires only 30 minutes to charge enough to provide 209 km of autonomy. Electrical charging at home (240 V, 32 A), the battery charges in about an hour enough juice for 30 km. The standard battery makes it possible to have a maximum speed of 209 km / h and a sprint 0-96 km / h in 5.6 seconds.

But Tesla also offers an extended range battery, which adds 9,000 dollars to the price. The production of models with such a battery has already begun. Range is about 499 km. In 30 minutes of charging, the battery receives power for about 273 km.
Also within an hour of charging from a domestic electricity supply (240 V and 40 A), the battery will still accumulate 59.5 km of range. Tesla Model 3 with a larger capacity battery goes from 0 to 96 km / h in 5.1 seconds and reaches 225 km / h.

The standard warranty is 4 years for the car and 8 years or 160,934 km for the battery (193,121 km for the extended range battery).
The facilities are outstanding too. Even the standard model has a 15-inch screen located in the center of the dashboard. In fact, this screen is the only command interface, placed on the dashboard, minimalist in design.

The standard equipment list, continues with 2-zone air conditioning, Wi-Fi and LTE internet access, keyless access via the Tesla application, bluetooth, reverse camera, electric windows and mirrors, foldable and fractionable bench in 60/40 ratio.
For an extra 5,000 dollars, the Premium package is available, which includes the following amenities: refined materials, premium audio system, glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection.

We also have electrically and warmly foldable exterior mirrors, LED fog lights, two USB sockets at the rear, and a central console covered with 2 mobile phones.
For another 5,000 dollars, the advanced Autopilot system is proposed. It adapts the running speed to traffic conditions, automatically changes the lanes, transitions from one road to another and even exits highway. It also handles automatic parking once you get to your destination.

Finally, those who opt for the Advanced Autopilot can still pay another 3,000 dollars for full autonomous driving functions. These functions depend on the approval of each country, but the Model 3 will be able to drive itself, without the intervention of the person occupying the driver’s seat.

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