Takayanagi Miluria: ultimate retro

He looks like a car from the ’20s of the last century but underneath lurks modern electronics, the Takayanagi Miluira. It is not just a joke draft in March the Japanese brand delivers the first copies off.
Miluira Takayanagi, which is the name of this special-looking car. He looks like “he was driven away from the ’20s, but that is not true: this is a brand new car that runs on electricity again.

Imagine the benefits are not too much for: the top speed is only 60 km / h and 35 km after the batteries are empty. Then it takes 12 hours to charge the batteries through a home, garden and kitchen outlet to recharge. Takayanagi is not practical: there is only place for the driver. That does take place on an almost royal seat.

With a length of just 2.18 meters can hardly speak of a car. Price refutes, the Japanese company asked more than 55,000 euros are translated for the Miluira. The order books opened in Japan, found the first episode in March. There are, unfortunately for those interested, no export plans.

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