Suzuki Kizashi Spyshot

One of our readers know in a car park in California this camouflaged vehicle to photograph. It seems here to go to the Kizashi, Suzuki’s family saloon.

Reader Alain Peeri mocked in the California Mission Viejo this camouflaged, but clearly Asian saloon. Based on the center console we initially thought in the direction of GM and the presence of a manual gearbox was suspected that a car was that both America and Asia and Europe was. So we thought spontaneously to a Chevrolet? until we remembered that Suzuki until recently worked with GM? more, the Korean Chevrolet / Daewoo ‘s on the Plas for sale as Suzuki. We are here also to the Suzuki Kizashi, the future family saloon of the brand. In any case, this prototype has some aggressive style of the concept car that was unveiled in New York. We recognize, inter alia, the trapezoid-shaped exhaust pipes, just like the curve of the trunk. The rest of the car looks to be less daring and has not much more in common with the concept car. Maybe it is for a different car? Your opinions and comments are welcome in any case …

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