Subaru gives new concept car Viziv 2 with hybrid plug in diesel engine

Subaru released their latest concept car at Geneva with diesel engine and plug in hybrid technology. Subaru launched their second Viziv concept car. Car is light and upgraded with all latest and finest technologies presently in car market.

This car uses 1.6 liter diesel engine of boxer type and it is paired with transmission system which is continuous variable. Such transmission system transfer power to all four wheels of car effectively. Subaru new concept car run under two different modes, one mode is electrical mode when car run in slow speed. But another mode is shifted to diesel power when car picks up speed.

Fuel economy is boosted by a start and stop system installed in the car. Viziv is highly economically feasible for fuel and power. As it uses both diesel and electrical modes for running, fuel consumption is quite low. Car also have cruise system and it have special tech of Subaru which eye sight safety system which saves both fuel and controls engine’s output.

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